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First Nations Global Sovereign Trust

Our Commitment

* We will listen carefully to your concerns, goals, needs, and wants.
* We will earn your trust and your business with friendly and prompt service.
* We will continue to expand our services so as to remain competitive.
* We will keep our services and various options affordable
* We will keep our services strictly by invitation only through the CEO or at Compliance


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Welcome to Fox Institution

Sovereign Indian Private Institution

As a Sovereign Indian Private Institution, we utilize private assets and cash on deposit of over $100 Billion USD for the benefit of the American Indian First Nations and other nations accepted by our annual tribal board statutes and initiatives. Fox Institution is not a retail or public bank.

Mission Statement

To serve the needs of the American Indian Tribes, and their friends and neighbors. To offer the best services, under the best terms and conditions, available in our market by becoming the first choice for all financial services and information.

Corporate Values

Fox Institution is strongly rooted in the Native American philosophy of "people helping people" and is built on traditional values of commitment to outstanding service, a deep respect for others, and total fiscal responsibility. We claim the highest standards of honesty, professionalism, and integrity, and are committed to achieving excellence in our operations, products, and customer service. Our customers can expect, and will receive, consistent and reliable service. As a service-centered organization, we will create a trusting relationship with our customers. Our basic decisions are based on what is in the best interest of our customers, while we maintain a financially strong and stable organization. As a Institution, we recognize our basic philosophy must be driven by our efforts to help our customers "reach their financial goals."

Fox Institution Disclaimer: Fox Institution is not a retail or public Bank but rather we are a Private Sovereign Indian Institution and participation with our Institution and our private placement programs are a privilege and not a right and is secured by invitation only. Fox Institution is not FDIC insured. While Fox Institution cooperates with all outside nations, Fox Institution is a Private Sovereign Indian Institution domiciled on Indian territory that is outside of the USA system, jurisdiction, or purview of any USA, SEC, or European [WEB] Banking system. We are located on Indian Reservation Land and service participants in accordance with Indian laws and ordinances entirely submitted to our Granted Jurisdictions. If any challenges arise from interaction with Fox Institution or any of its private placement programs then all participants will agree to formal arbitration proceedings to be officiated within our Indian Tribunals on our Sovereign Granted Indian Lands. Fox Institution offers no tax advice whatsoever. If a profit is made with our institution with any outside currencies then we will report those profits to the various outside principalities and if taxes will apply then participants will be solely responsible to pay all taxes for any profits received. All accounts are considered best efforts based private placements and therefore any incidental returns are not guaranteed by Fox Institution. Although Fox Institution does not have FDIC insurance all accounts at Fox Institution are insured by Fox Institution Private Insurance.