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Mexican Bonds

Fox Bank is pleased to announce its Clearing House Division for the facilitation of The Historical Mexican Bond Transaction.

Besides purchasing Mexican Bonds we assist in matching of buyers with sellers.

Fox Bank will facilitate the secure storage of all pertinent documents. Both the buyers and sellers information will be stored by Fox Bank with distribution to outside parties only after Fox Bank receives authorization from the owner of the documents. Fox Bank will supply a transaction code to each client's package for secure tracking and referencing.

Fox Bank will hold in confidence the Sellers Information Sheet (CIS), Copy of Passport, Owner Attestation Letter, Attorney Affidavit Letter, Serial Numbers and/or Samples of the Bonds.

Fox Bank will hold in confidence the Buyer Proof of Funds (POF), Letter of Intent (LOI) and contact information.

These documents will only be forwarded by Fox Bank when the parties listed on the Documents authorizes our compliance officer in writing (email accepted **) permission to do so. No distribution of documents can be authorized by intermediaries even if the intermediary supplied Fox Bank the documents.

The compliance officer will assist in the review of documents to help assure that the proper and complete information has been supplied.

Fox Bank makes no representation of the validity of stored documents-ALL CLIENTS are required to conduct their own Due Diligence

Additional Services:

  • In House Bond Purchases
  • Escrow Held Closings
  • Vault Storage of Original Documents with SKR's provided

Please contact our Mexican Bond Compliance Officer

**email authorization for distribution will be permitted if email address requesting distribution matches the email listed on the documents provided