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First Nations Global Sovereign Trust

Our Commitment

* We will listen carefully to your concerns, goals, needs, and wants.
* We will earn your trust and your business with friendly and prompt service.
* We will continue to expand our services so as to remain competitive.
* We will keep our services and various options affordable
* We will keep our services strictly by invitation only through the CEO or at Compliance


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- Gold
- Oil

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Specialty Bank Services

Custodial Accounts

Fox Bank offers a variety of Custodial Accounts. We have developed many ways for you to house your valuables in a private manner and viewable online as well so you may keep an accurate accounting of your assets any where in the world. Simply choose the plan that fits your needs. All accounts at Fox Bank are insured by Fox Bank Private Insurance. That means convenience, safety, and security for your accounts.

Safe Keeping Receipts [SKR]

Our Clients may place their assets in safekeeping with Fox Bank and can rest assured their assets are truly safe and secure. Our Clients are issued a safekeeping receipt and these receipts indicate that the asset of the individual does not become an asset of our institution and that the asset is guaranteed to be returned to the individual upon request. A fee may be required for these services.

Executive Banking

Success often comes with new obligations and additional time constraints and Fox Bank understands. That is why we created the Executive Banking Program. We understand the financial needs of affluent clients, and as a Premier Private Bank we can help you achieve your financial goals by providing you with customized solutions to protect your assets, extend your buying power, and plan for the future. In addition Fox Bank can connect you with investment representatives and various other partner resources from online trading to comprehensive wealth management. This is a service designed to save busy professionals both time and money that also includes services such as; Competitive Rate CD's, Bank Guarantees, Letters of Credit, and both Revolving and Business Lines of Credit.